Greatvale.jpeg.jpgWelcome to the World of Lost Kingdoms and Forgotten Wilds,
This world is just now starting to recover from the effects of a magical war of annihilation that pited nations and empires against each other, with the goal of dominating each other. With every side trying to out do the other, one or all of the sides eventually developed or unleashed such weapons and spells of mass destruction that all vestiges of civilization and life where nearly wiped from the planet. As the waves of destruction continued to roll out in wave after wave, bringinging death in the form of uncurable diseases, magical conflagerations for a period of 100 years, killing 80% of all living things, leaving only the few survivors to seek shelter, whereever they could find it. It has been nearly 2000 years since the survivors of those once great struggles found places of safe refuge to hide in and rebuild their numbers. Beginning rebuilding pockets of civilization amongst the ruins of the old world, The Last 100 years has seen a remarkable growth, as small settlements and clan holds have grown int towns and villages, which have in turn grown to become cities and holds, which are just now beginning the expansion into City States and Kingdoms, which may yet grow into vast countries and empires. You’re characters are decedents of some of these survivors and you grew up in a few small villages that have banded together to form a small city state run by a few powerful families (the council of elders), that is on the verge of becoming a kingdom.
This Kingdom will need brave heroes (and perhaps some villains) to aid in its growth and expansion into the unknown wilds and ancient ruins of the old world. Do you have what it takes to write your own legends and tales that are being forged into the new world that is rising out of the ashes of the old?

Heroes of Creeping Shadow and Rising Dawn

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