Heroes of Creeping Shadow and Rising Dawn

Merchantsday, Tertian Ring of Harvesttide 2064AE to Tilday, Leading Ring of Leaf Fall 2064AE
An update a Long time in comming

Scouting Reconnaissance and Rumors
After successfully heisting the Payroll of Lord VonSooth’s human Mercenary forces, The Company of Hangedmen, put out a call to those same mercenary forces hiring most of them and disbanding and banishing the rest, While awaiting the arrival of the Dwarven and Elven Forces, the party set the company’s scouts and spies on reconnaissance missions to establish the next best course of action, and to locate another large source of treasure to enable the Company of Hangedmen to continue and pay its mercenary forces. Some of the scouts uncovered some kobald orcus dragoncult activity in an area rumored to have a dragon graveyard, were the cultists where excavating in order to free a dracoliche, and posiible gain access to the remains of more dragons to raise into the forces of the orcus cult.

Undead dragons No more, and there be treasure below, and another plot uncovered
When your group arrived at the area you found a large group of cultists under the direction of a gnome slave master excavating a deep pit. You quickly dispatched the cultists, and during that fight one of VonSooth’s lieutenants revealed himself in the form of a spectral apparition. During that fight VonSooth’s lieutenant revealed his name to Kararel, and that he was at another location preparing to open a portal to the Shadowfell, in order to bring more of orcus’s forces into this plane and ensure the cults victory.
After that your group attempted to parley with the angered Dracoliche guarding the dragon’s graveyard, and the negotiations quickly deteriorated into another brawl. The party then located the hoard of dragon treasure contained in the hall of dead dragons, and in the process also discovered a kobald tunnel leading from the chamber to eventually join a carved tunnel that led off in the direction of the mountains in one direction and off towards the river valley in the opposite direction.

Assualt on the Kobald Orcus Dragon Cult’s Lair
Theren magicaly scouted the kobald lair area, and the party moved on the lair swiftly, and quickly wiped it out. The party found that this Kobald Orcus cult was being led by a goblin named Irontooth, and after the fight the party found a scroll on his body that read in common thus:

“My spy in New Winfacrebriash suggests we keep an eye out for visitors to the area. It probably does not matter. In a few more days or weeks, i’ ll completely open the rift. Then the people throughout the countryside will serve as food for those Lord Orcus sends to do my bidding, and grant our master his victory. So guard your tunnels well as I will not appreciate any interruptions in my work.” and is signed by and signed by


The party then decided to take an expeditionary force of 50 dwarven warriors and 50 elven warriors with you through the tunnels to the Shadowkeep, while another large group of your forces moves the dragon hoard back to your hidden camp and prepare for the assault to retake New Winfacrebriash from lord VonSooth and his humanoid and undead forces, and another force is dispatched towards the ruined keep in the mountains in order to take posestion of it once you and your expeditionary force sweep VonSooth’s forces out of it.

Through The Caves and into the Keep (Level 1)
The party and its force of elves and dwarfs made their way through the kobald tunnels and into a small maze of caves containing rats, a kruthik lair and a few other nasty surprises (slimes and jellies OH-my!), and into a goblin excavation site. From there the group surprised and captured the goblin chieftain (Balgaron the Fat) slaying his guards and warriors. The party then rapidly moved through the remaining guardrooms and the torture chamber, where the party liberated “Splug the Traitor” from one of the prison cells. As you moved through the Goblin Encampment area and into the ruined tombs of the keep the cleric Laerl and the druid cat can feel the growing presence of the Shadowfell and the party found itself facing undead and magical fear traps until at last the party made its way into the anciant shrine of Bahamut, and now stands before the platnum double doors that your fighter Denagar forced open to reveal the following:
" The raised dais in this old crypt holds a single coffin. Carved on the lid of the coffin is a warrior in plate armor with a sword laid across his chest, the point toward his feet."

Bladeday, Tertian Ring of Harvesttide 2064AE to Sheildday, Antipodal Ring of Harvesttide 2064AE
A Caper to Steal Lord VonSooth's Mercenary Armies Payroll

Return to the Hidden Encampment of the company of hanged Men
On your return you are greeted by a foppish bard and a large group of refugees from the country side,the bard sings a ballad in your honour.
After some briefing on information from some spy’s and scouts you find that the city is being held by humanoids and undead, and Lord VonSooth has sent his Human Mercenary Companies out of the city to harass, pillage raid and expand his control of the country side surrounding the city. One of the scouts reporting to you heard a rumor that a pay wagon with the months payroll for the human mercenaries in the employ of Lord VonSooth, is headed to the hamlet of Elderwood, to pay the mercenaries for taking the hamlet and using it as the base to push his influence into the Elven lands to the North. You decide that with the groups limited amount of rescources and trained troops, that it would be good to intercept the mercenaries pay and remove a portion of VonSooth’s army from play, and perhaps get an army of your own, as opposed to trying to take on a huge mercenary army.

Contacting the Scout and forming a plan of action
You scout out the hamlet of Elderwood and the nearby castle with the aid of your groups scouts and spies, and find that a large force of mercenary fighters belonging to different company’s (Wolf Company, Goblin Company, Manticore Company, Hydra Company, and Specter Company) have the hamlet besieged, and have given the hamlet 4 days to surrender or be wiped out. Your informant also advises that 2 days before you arrived in the region a large armored, heavily laden wagon pulled by a team of 6 Draft horses was seen arriving at the keep. So you will have to steal the payroll out of the castle’s vaults.After some initial scouting of the area youi find that most of the mercenaries are tied up in the siege of the hamlet, with only a skeleton force left within the castle, to hold the keep and guard the payroll. You then decided to send the 150 troopers that accompanied you to the region to sneak into the hamlet and aid in bolstering its defenses, while you scout out the keep, formulate a plan and conduct a raid to liberate the payroll from the Mercenary forces of Lord VonSooth.

The groups reconnaissance uncovers that the mercenary companies all report to a despotic follower of Lord VonSooth, who titles himself Lord Tanlan, and that each mercenary company has a lieutenant in charge of it. Wolf Company is made up of blade duelists, with 10 stationed in the keep, and 70 in the field, and are commanded by a warrior named Gaheel. Manticore Company is made up of sharp shooter archers, with 12 stationed within the keep, and 50 in the feild, and are also commanded by Commander of the Watch Captain Gaheel. Hydra Company seems to be the backbone of the mercenary forces, with its veteran mercenaries, with 28 stationed in the keep, and 280 in the field, and are Commanded by the Mercenary Commander and Liaison of lord Tanlan, Kamren. Goblin Company is made up of brutes and thugs, with 24 stationed within the keep and 240 in the field. Commanded by a a Half-orc warrior called Thorsk the enforcer. Specter Company is made up of assassins and thieves serving as intelligence, with 6 stationed within the keep, bringing the information they gather from their forays outside of the keep to their Commander, a halfing called Olos the Spymaster. Your groups scout reported that rthe keep seems to be accessed by a magicaly locked gate, that seems to be opened by a magical talismin and a command phrase or password, that each of the Commanders seem to have and carry, and that he has observed that the keep seems to keep a weekly schedule, in that in the morning of every Bladeday 4 members of each of the Wolf, Manticore and Goblin Companies and their respective commanders gather outside pf the keep for a competitive fox hunt, leaving less guards in the keep. The scout also advised that in the evening of the same day the troops stationed in the keep are inspected in the keeps courtyard and seem to be the most alert at this time. Also on tghe morning of Craftersday the keep receives its weekly delivery of food and supplies by a horse drawn cart and a small detachment of Hydra company guards. The rest of the week is usually spent with the troops within the keep taking shifts on the walls, or drinking and carousing or sleeping while not on duty.

The Foxhunt
Your group quickly decided your best chance of gaining access to the keep is via ambushing the Fox hunt and capturing one of the commanders, inorder to gain the gate key and password. It was decided that Cat would take her cat form and disguise herself as a fox, to lead the hunters into a hidden pit trap and ambush zone. The party communicated their plans with the local fox population, and prepared a 15’ deep pit trap with spikes at the bottom, and covered and obscured the trap from view. On the morning of the hunt a fox led the hunter’s to a stream inthe woods near a tree where Cat was hiding, then Cat jumped out from behind the tree disguised as the fox when the hunters came into view, ensuring that they saw her and took up the chase. Cat then lead the hunters on a merry chase deeper into the woods, to the ambush zone and pit trap. The party then unleashed a flurry of spells that quickly eliminated the troopers, Captain Gaheel, Commander Kamren, and ended with Thorsk the Enforcer being knocked unconscious by the warrior Denagar. The priest then quickly revived him and the party offered to release him on the promise that they would not kill him, if he gave them his gate key and password and swore to leave these lands and not return. Thorsk agreed on one additional stipulation that the party promised to kill the Halfling spymaster Olos.

Into The Keep
The party then steals some the uniforms from the slain Hydra and Wolf Company Troopers, and takes the body of the slain commander Kamren, so they can use her to get close enough to the gate to use the keys and password to gain access to the keeps courtyard without raising any alarms with guards until it is to late for them, and recovered a Magic Glaive +3 and a suite of Dwarven Platemail Armor +2 off of Commander Kamren. As the party approaches the gate you carried the commanders body like she was seriously injured and you where returning her to the keep for medical aide. This allowed the party to get close enough to the gates to use the keys and password to open the gates without getting any of the guards upon the walls or towers to attack before you where able to open the castles gates. As you entered into the castle’s gatehouse passage to the outer courtyard one of the Wolf Company troopers sees that Commander Kamren is dead and not injured, and challenges the party raising the alarm within the castle, the parties initiative scores where such that given you where already inside the keeps gates, it was determined that the party had gotten the jump on the wolf company troopers and both Teithen and Coroane let loss with fire spells that incinerated the wolf company troopers and took out the Spectre Company troops in their barracks before they had a chance to react to the alarm. Theren then took out some of the Manticore troopers atop one of the towers, while Learl took out the remaining Manticore troopers atop the other gatehouse tower. Cat tried to manuevwer into position to be able to attack the quickly approaching Goblin Company Troopers, but Gaven beat her to the punch and took them out, Then the halfling spymaster Olos attacked Tiethen and Coroane from the shadows, and was blasted into dust by Tiethan.
Following the fight at the gatehouse the party thoroughly search all of the out buildings in the inner and outer courtyards. The party found a few interesting bits and pieces on Olos remains and in his office, including Goggles of Night, a map of the keep, without the vault location and some notes on the possible types of magical and non-magical protections placed on the keep proper and possibly used within the vault, and a small black leather bound book of names (some of them etched out with a line of red). Upon closer inspection of the book several parties members recognize some names of stature with red lines through them, including the name of the former Hugh Priest of the temple of Aubadur, and realize that you have found a hit list for specter company. Learl also note that some of his clan elders have made the list.

Searching the Keep Interior for the Vault
The party approached the main doors to the keep with some caution after reading Olos map and notes. which paid off as the party detected a magical trap on the main doors, but Theren with his skill in arcana detects that forcing the doors open with out using one of the door talismans and the password will set off some sort of audible alarm. The group successfully bypassed the first trap and entered the grand foyer of the keep intererior.The party then conducted a room by room search starting with the Grand Foyer, then the dilapidated Banquet Hall, the Former Kitchen which was converted into a bedroom containing some arcane reagents. Then the group moved on to a storage room filled with supplies and provisions. Next was a a trophy Room containg an assortment of nick nacks and brick a back and a spiral staircase leading upwards. The group decided note to head up the stairs yet but to finish searching the main floor and moved onto a Sitting Room, which contained 4 chairs arranged in front of a large ornate chair placed with it’s back to a large hearth. The party then entered a large study, opulently decorated with a large ornate desk covered in maps and papers, Tanlan’s official Seal, some sealing wax and huge stuffed bear in one corner. The sharp eyes of Cat Tiethan and Gavin spotted scratches and scuff marks on the wood floor surrounding the stuffed bear. The group works together and was able to maneuver the stuffed bear to the side to reveal a heavy iron trap door set into the floor. Upon examining the trap door Cat was able to detect a poison dart trap and disarm it. The group once again decided to finishing searching the main level, before moving further up or down into the keeps interior. The party then entered a library filled with books, a table filled with reagents and an elf conducting experiments with them. Luck was once again in favor of the party, as most of the group where able to surprise the Elven Enchantress Fermina so immersed was she in her studies. Fermina did manage to get one spell off with little effect before she was brought down by the group. A search of the books revealed that a quarter of them where on military history, strategy and diplomacy, and the remaining books where tombes on enchantment magics, traps alchemy and Fermina’s research notes. The group then decided to head up the spiral staircase in the trophy room up to Lord Tanlan’s Chamber which contained an ornate bed and wardrobe full of clothes.

Accessing the Vault and bypassing Fermina’s Traps
The trap door from the Study opened up into a dark tunnel that descends down a set of mortared stone stairs that ended at a pair double obsidian doors, in set with a circular mithral disk with 8 metal nubs around the outside edge, and Dethek Dwarven ruins enscribed on the surface of this strange lock device. Learl was able to translate the dwarven ruins as a the phrase “3 Paths”, and with his knowledge of history realizes it a reference to a famous Dwarven poem, that detailed the three paths to cictory followed by a legendary Dwarven King Brannaborg, which are the names of the three chapters of the epic poem. The three chapters are named “The Hand of Victory”, “The Seal of Power”, and “The Sword of Conquest”. After examining the lock the group decided that the title of the first chapter eluded to the fact that the first stage of the lack had to be manipulated by hand, and following some careful examination of the mechanism and some deft finger work by Cat the party opened the first stage, of the lock, and the disk popped open revealing a pentagonal hole. The arcanists in the group detected that the second stage emanated an aura similar to those emanating from the commanders talismans and and Lord Tanlan’s personal seal, and with the reference of the second chapter’s title the group quickly realizes the hole is the same shape as Lord Tanlan’s seal and presses it into the hole thereby bypassing the second stage of the lock, and a cylindrical lock apparatus slides out Upon examination the group saw that the cylinder had slots on either side with medal rods inside them that slide away from a blade shaped opening. with the reference of the third chapter title Gavin takes one of the groups short swords and inserted the blade into the opening until the party heard a load click and the obsidian doors cracked open with a groan. The double obsidian doors opened into a oblong area that ran from east to west with 2 open doors on the north side of the chamber at either end. The 2 open doors lead into a pair of 50 ft long hallways that appear to open into another unlit chamber.The chambers and hallways are all made of polished smooth stone walls with tile floors. The party carefully examined the area before entering the area, and the arcanists in the party spotted a gem that acts a sensor that if triggered would set off an audible shrieking alarm, the Cat perceived a hidden panel just out side the eastern end of the chamber, that contained a reset lever. Upon further examination Cat was able to tell the the tiles in the eastern corridor from the oblong chamber are all pressure plates from ten feet of either end of the corridor that would drop a ten foot thick slab of obsidian at each end of the corridor trapping the victim between each slab. The other corridor to the west was unimpeded by any traps. The corridor leads into a huge chamber with a large pile of silver bars stacked in the center, and the more observant party members quickly spot small hole in the ceiling, and two pipes just above the floor on opposite side s of the chamber, and that the tiles beneath and adjacent to the silver bars where depressed by several inches from the weight of the huge horde of silver bricks, and that the tile floor rest upon a mettle grading that would allow fluids to flow through into a large underground lake below the chamber. Upon further investigation by the party it was determined that the commanders talismans where detected by the censor in the first chamber and served to deactivate the traps in the chambers, and that the chamber with the silver is one large trap of layered traps, moving the weight of silver or stepping on the pressure plate adjacent would activate the trap, releasing an acidic sleep fog from the ceiling. The fog is an powerful enchantment that causes those in it to fall unconscious and take large amounts of acid damage until they would be dissolved to a liquid state, then the pipes at either end would quickly flood the chamber with water washing away the acid sleep fog and any disolved organic residue beneath the tiles and through the grate below.

Escaping with the Horde and the Aftermath
Sitting in the vault was 100,000GP in the form of 400 bars of silver weighing 50lbs a piece, so using muscle and magic it takes the party several hours to move the treasure from the vault and back into the huge armored wagon Lord VonSooth had used to ship it there. The party then assigns several odf the scouts that assisted in the reconnaissance to drive the treasure wagon back to the encampment of the Company of Hangedmen. Before you left the keep you were sure to set off the audible alarm in the vault, before heading back out into the country side to weight and watch for the immediate results of your actions. Within the hour of your departure you watch Lord Tanlan and 20 mercenary guards of the Hydra Company come thundering back from the outskirts of the hamlet to find that their payroll had just disappeared. You watched as Lord Tanlan quickly reacted by activating the keeps magical defenses and barricading himself inside away from the angry unpaid mercenaries. Several mercenaries quickly headed back to the gathered mercenary forces outside the hamlet, and it is not long before the mercenary army has moved from the hamlet to storming the keep. Several hours later after witnessing the mercenaries hang their former leader Lord Tanlan, the party approached a group of departing mercenaries, and advised them that a certain group of adventures that had recently slain a red dragon and that where working in opposition to Lord Von Sooth might be looking to hire a mercenary army willing to fight for the forces of good, and that if they where interested to report to the encampment of the Company of the Hangedmen.

Craftersday, Leading Ring of Middlecrown 2064AE to Bladeday, Tertian Ring of Harvesttide 2064AE

The Fall of New Winfacrebriash and the Seige of the College of White Magi

(this post has been some time coming, and I apologize for it’s delay)

The Party
Most of the populace of the city turned out and crowded into the grandhall of the College of the White Magi to spend the day celebrating your triumphant return with their missing friends and family, and the few artefacts you recovered. As well as to celebrate Nareem’s return to the relm of the living and subsequent raising to the head of the Church of Aubadur. There were many speeches, toasts in your honour, awards (Your 7th Lvl Items), and much carousing unto the evening.

The Seige
Late into the evening a young boy came running into the hall in a panic, ran up to your patron Jansen Froval and whispered urgently into his ear. Jansen then abruptly stood up and with a booming load magically enhanced voice called everyone in attendance to order. You quickly noted that Demetri VonSooth and his Vassel Lords; Catervay Seadark, Ghena Tenson are missing from the gathering. Jansen announces that a dark force has risen up and swept through the city and was descending on the College. The gathered lords and their retinues where then quickly dispatched with various members of the college staff to quickly raise the defenses of the college grounds and prepare for a siege. Jansen then asked you to decide amongst yourselves, how to best use your abilities to bolster the colleges defenses, gather intelligence, and command and calm the civilians. The party all performed their various tasks brilliantly. The college’s forces with-stood and repelled the siege for 5 weeks, until Sparrik and Cat discovered a pattern to the enemies probing attacks. The party used this information to lay an ambush for Lord VonSooth’s Undead Champion an Orcish Death Knight named Nightbringer.

The Ambush
The party and the college’s forces worked together to lead the Nightbringer and his forces to make an attack on the college, and the party defeated the Nightbringer and his forces that managed to break through the college’s defences, dealing a devasting blow to the moral of Lord onSooth’s forces, but at some cost to the college’s forces. Madam Elaida, Jansen’s son’s lover fell in the assault, and in his grief Evan Froval produced a deck of Many things trying to revive her, but only resulting in the next series of devastating events.

The Gauntlet of Fire
The card that Evan produced, pulled a part of Orcus’s essence into your realm, where it unleashed demons and blazing skeletons on the city. Janson attempted to whisk his son away, before his son’s pet gargoyles flew him off, and then set about quickly organizing the remaining priests and wizards to raise magical wards about the remains of the college, and charged the party with leading the surviving citizens to safety outside the city, via a secret passage way underneath the college grounds. The party fought off some of the demons and blazing skeletons and led the civilians to the entrance to the secret passageway, but where immediately set upon by a new terror.

There Be a Red Dragon!
The party gallantly held their ground against a red dragon, for 5 rounds, allowing all but a few unlucky civilians to escape into the passageway, and proceeded to slay the dragon in the process, without suffering any casualties themselves (Impressive!).

The Aftermath
The refugees fled into the hidden passageway leading to the vaults below the college, and as you looked over your shoulders before entering the passageway behind them, you witnessed a silvery shimmering field of force surround the surviving structures of the college. You then spent days assisting the survivors in navigating the treacherous passages constructed by an unknown ancient civilization, occasionally depicted in pictogram s of humanoids with squid-like heads, until at last you discovered an exit to the surface many leagues to the south of the city at the base of the mountains. You moved through drifting ashes and red and golden leaved trees, guiding the refugees Northeast towards the hidden camp of the “Hangedmen” and the meager safety of it’s defenses.

Merchantsday, Leading Ring of Middle Crown 2064AE
The Trip Home and Heroe's Welcome

You took 5 days to travel home, with a possibly putrid encounter with a family of Giant skunks being averted by Cat’s quick use of an Animal Friendship Ritual. You safely delivered the prisoners back to town, where debriefed by your Council champion Jansen Froval. You then briefed the Town Council on your findings and pointedly insinuated that Demetri VonSooth was the Emissary mentioned in Sinruth’s letter. You handed over Nareem’s remains to the ranking member of his clergy with their thanks, as now that he has died he can be raised to take his position as the leader of the church of Aubadur having met the legal conditions of the Company of Hanged Men’s time of service of 1 year or until death. Nareem is then taken to the temple to be raised from the dead into his new role as the head of Aubadur’s church.
The party then began carousing and shopping for equipment upgrades, and making plans for their next steps.

Merchantsday, Antipodal Ring of High Sun 2064AE
Assualt on the Barracks and Orcus Cult Chamber (Parts 1 & 2)
You decided to backtrack to the halls you bypassed in the warrens in order to track down and try and rescue the last remaining prisoner from town (Mirtala the Chef). You enterd the barracks from the second level and made quick work of the Hobgoblin Grunts comming up the stairs with a well placed Cloud of Daggers, and the rest of the pary made quick work of goblin sergent and Guard drake by focusing on them, and tghen the party turned it’s attention on the hobgoblin archer and wiped him out as well. The party then moved into the adjacent chamber with a shrine to Orcus with the prisoner Mirtala tied down atop of it, and faced of against several Dire Rats and 2 dark Gnome Orcus cultists. The party took them all out pretty quickly with good use of area effects. You then rescued Mirtala and collected your loot. The party then decided to leave the complex and escort the surviving prisoners and the dead back to town.
Bladeday of Antipodal Ring of Highsun 2064AE (Part 2)
Sinruth's Abode
You found Sinruth and fought him in a chamber with enchanted (Cold) Menir’s just outside his room. Sinruth was a big nasty bag of HP, that almost took out Cat and Sparrik and maybe even Caroan, but thyanks to the efforts of the Cleric (Learl) and the Druid/Cleric (Cat) everyone stayed up but Sparrik who was grasped back from deaths door by his short hairs by the druid daily interupt. You recovered 2 of the Town’s artifacts and a note identifying a mysterious backer of Sinruth and the Black Fist of Doom going by the title of the Emmissary
Bladeday of Antipodal Ring of Highsun 2064AE
Deeper into the Crypts

The group moved deeper into a new section of the dungeon crypt complex of Fort Ravensroust and faced off against an Elder Goblin Hexer, and His 2 Giant Spitting Drake and 4 Hobgoblin Grunts, and the party made pretty quick work of the guards and Drakes, and even managed to take the Goblin Hexer prisoner before he could escape and summon help or alert others of your presence. After some questioning and some cocky answers from the smart mouthed hexer you threw him through your portable portal to his probable death, and are now armed with the knowledge of the locations of some of the artifacts and the cook prisoner.

Sheildday of Quartern Ring of Highsun 2064AE (Part 3)
Door Summoned Giant Magma Claws and The Ettercap Liar

The group search the burial alcoves and found a healing potion and a Double Aegis Blade +1, and then decided to check out the magically trapped doors and summoned 2 Giant Magma Claws into the room through the open doorway after strategically placing yourself s about the room, so that Caroan and Cat got attacks of opportunity on the Magma \claws as they entered the Burial Chamber. The fight took about 5 rounds, The Giant Magma Claws hit Caroan for some serious damage knocking him unconscious briefly, before Laerl could get to him and revive him with some healing. But all in all the group made quick work of the them. The group then followed the hall way to the north up a set of stairs that ended in a large chamber containing 2 jail cells. One of the jail cells contained the elderly Castellen of the Hall of great Valor. Sertanian had been beaten unconscious but otherwise was alright. He advised you that there were several treasures taken from the hall that he would appreciate being recovered, these include an Ornate gilded dragoncrest helm, a Ceremonial platinum longsword, a set of three shields with the Black Fist insignia on each with a charred hole near the center, a set of black iron gauntlets with extensive filigree, and a Heraldic battle standard depicting two hands clasped in a handshake. Sertanian also told you that Mirtala the cook is being held somewhere downstairs in a chamber near a spiral staircase with frescos on the walls. he then told you that the hobgoblins sent Sertanian away (perhaps a day ago, but it is hard to tell as he has lost track of time), saying that the plump Mirtala will make a better meal. And he suspected that Kartenix is dead; Kartenix told Sertanian a couple of days ago that he was going to try to overpower the ettercap guarding him the following morning by pretending to be asleep. But then they moved Kartenix, so he no longer knows where Kartenix is. There were no others ways to go from this chamber so you made your way back to the burial chamber and headed up the east hallway and followed around a corner to the south, where it led to a stairwell going down into a chamber filled with spiderwebs and you could just make out movement of some sort of spider like creature within the chamber. Tiethen blasted an ignition into the chamber to clear some of the webs, and the 2 Elite ettercap fangaurds attacked by shooting web strands at both Caroan and Tiethen, and pulled Teithen 5 squares through the burned out webs into the chamber. the rest of the party then launched various attacks at the ettercap that struck Teithen and bloodied it by the end of the 1st round. Then the ettercap webspinner went and launched a web netting into the area surounding Caroan, Teithen and Cat immobilizing them.over the next several rounds the party took out the one ettercap guard, while Caroan was bitten and weakened and immobilized and then restrained. Once the party dropped the second ettercap guard the ettercap webspinner tried to flle the chamber to the west, but was taken out by the party before it could make it’s escape. Tiethen then cleared the webs out of the chamber and you found the poisoned bloated partially eaten and singed remains of Kartenix in a corner of the chamber. you also found a Dragontooth Wand of the Hunting Hound +1 on the corpse of the Elder ettercap webspinner.

Sheildday of Quartern Ring of Highsun 2064AE (Parts 1 and 2)
(Part 1: Return to the Von Jallach Crypt) and (Part 2: Through the Portal Room and Enter the Von Urstadt Crypt)

(Part 1:)
Following an extended rest your group loaded up the loot and Nareem`s body onto a tensor`s floating disk and pushed on looking for survivor`s, doing so you headed back to the Von Jallach Crypt with it`s glowing ruins upon the floor, Theren suspected that there might also be an arcane trap on the doors in the east side of the ruin/ alcove chamber and moved into the room to check them, and was immediately set upon by two Needle fang swarms. He made a hasty retreat back into the hallway with the party. The party engaged the swarms and bloodied them rather rapidly, and while Sparrik was moving around the perimiter of the room avoiding the glowing ruins A Dark Gnome sneeked out of the east doors and took a snipe shot at Sparrik. Sparrik the retaliated for some hefty damage, causing the Gnome to turn invisible and try and flee from the area unseen, but the clever placement of an ignition spell set him a light and had him screaming in pain as he tried to invisibly flee from the area. Meanwhile Caraon Lightening lured the last remaining swarm through the glowing ruins setting them off and annihilating it in the process. The cleric tried to hone in on the gnomes screams of pain but just failed to connect, and just as the gnome was about to get away a large tiger raced into the room and seized the gnome mauling it with in an inch of it`s life. Sparrik still not feeling vindicated enough strolled up and proceeded to carve the Gnome in twain. The group recovered some minor loot from the Gnome and proceeded through the east doors where they found themselves in a chamber containing a fountain of pure fresh water fed by a cistern and the young boy Thurann shackled to the wall by his wrists. Sparrik used the keys retrieved from the body of the gnome to release Thurann from his shackles. At this point the group acquainted it`self with a small feline woman who introduced herself as Cat, and Thurann`s self proclaimed protector.

(Part 2:) You found that Cat had followed the party and tried to catch up to the party on the way out here from the city, as she had been out of the town hunting when the raid occurred, and returned to find that Thurann (the young boy) had been kidnapped by the humanoids with his father and the workers from the “Hall of Great Valor”. cat explained that her kind placed worthy children under their protection, and Thurann thinking she was a normal cat had found her injured by some other older kids, who where in the process of killing stray cats, and had at some risk to himself rescued her and nursed back to health. As a result she feels she owes him her protection and tried to catch up with the party to assist them in rescuing the citizens from town in the hopes that she would find Thurann and his father and aid them in getting back home. She also alluded to the fact that she had come to the city searching for a shrine or temple to her god that had stopped communicating with the other temples to her god approximately 50 years ago, that was said to be some where in the area where the new city is now. Teithan also advised Thurann that the old lady (Zerriksa) that you had rescued earlier had heard a rumor that Thuranns father (Kertenis) may have been killed in a failed escape attempt. Thurann refuses to believe this, and is confident that his dad will escape and find him, and the party, and assist them in rescuing the rest of the kidnapped citizens. Thurann claimed to be really good at sneaking and scouting as he is small, quite, quick and agile, and offered to help the party find his father and the other people from the city. With a bit of convincing you managed to talk him into hanging back with Zerriksa, armed with a hand crossbow should he need to defend himself in a desperate situation. The group then headed back to the tunnel at the goblin warrens at took the west junction in the middle of the hall between the pit traps into the Mushroom chamber. This led you into a large chamber dominated by a large picture in the middle of this room which shows flickering images of a sinister castle in the middle of a swamp.
While examining the picture a slimy Ochre Jelly slithered through the image and roiled
toward and attacked the party. The party made quick work of the Ochre Jelly, but unfortunately while the party was dealing with the jelly, 2 specters and a Lingering Specter moved through the portal contained in the tapestry and moved intro the room with the party, which did not notice until the specters necrotic aura caused the temperature to plummet in the room. The two specters did not last very long when confronted by the priest and the parties onslaught, but the Lingering Specter proved to be a little bit more resilient and lasted for several more rounds. Once the fight was done the party took down the Tapestry, rolled it up tight and secured it, and took it with them as more loot.
The party then confirmed that the doors in the south returned to the goblin/ hobgoblin barracks room, so then took the only remaining doors in the room to the west marked with a plaque reading “Von Urstadt Family Crypt”. Cat scouted the hallway around the corner and spotted two more Dark Gnomes trying to hide in a large alcoved crypt chamber. The party moved rapidly gaining surprise and bloodied the one gnome guarding the doors to the north and immobilized the other gnome on the other side of the room. The group then quickly took both the gnomes out before they could really attack or raise an alarm. Once the dust settled, several people in the party sensed a magical trap on the doors to the north, and Cat determined that if the door is held open too long something will be summoned from the elemental plane of fire.

Tilday of Quartern Ring of Highsun in the Year 2064AE (parts 5 & 6)
(Part 5: The Goblin Warren) & (Part 6: The Mushroom Chamber and the Rage Drake Lair)

(Part 5) You took the door on the right (to the East) and found a large chamber filled with alcoves and glowing ruins on the floor, and not liking the look of that the party headed back to the chamber of flame and took the left most (the west0 which led into a large room crowded with a few hobgoblin soldiers and grunts and several goblin archers. You guys made swift work of the hobgoblins and goblins and managed to keep the goblins from fleeing back into thier warrens and triggering an alarm. Sparrik then used the goblins pit traps into the mushroom chamber to scout it out. He could see a set of doors across the room from himself and could hear movement in parts of the room, and identified several species of mushrooms that all give off not so friendly spores.

(Part 6) The Mushroom Chamber and Rage Drake Lair, the party quickly went down the central door from the chamber of flame (to the North) down a flight of steep stairs to trhe doors to the mushroom chamber. You opened the door and Tiethan let lose with a ignition spell to start clearing the mushrooms and the party was set upon by 4 Flame Drakes and 2 Needle Fang Drake Swarms, this proved to be a challenging fight as several of the party where quickly bloodied by the Flame Drakes. Narem was severely bloodied and then healed to full hit points, but then one of the bloodied and enraged Rage Drakes scored a critical hit on Narem and confirmed the critical several times, and ended up riping Narem into two and killing him out right in the process by causing more than double the hit poiunts required to kill him in that one mighty bite. The battle took a few more rounds. After the fight you could hear some mumble jumble reanting coming from the doors to your left in the chamber, and found that they led to a small chamber containing a circular warded area with an elderly women sitting in its center. Coraon teleported your goblin archer prisoner into the warded area in the place of the elderly woman and telepiorted her out. You all then decided you needed to rest before deciding what to do know or where to go. Tiethan while on your shift of the watch while looking around the room you discover a small 5’ by 4’ secret panel that pops open at your touch reveling a stash containing 2 three foot tall statues one male and one female, and a rotting sack containing a large diamond and some coins.


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