DM's Character Background Notes

(note BOLDED are my edits to better fit into the starting campaign story)

Michael (Coraon Blackscale)
Young money – His father is a first generation Noble, having been given title through his great deeds, but the family has yet to prove themselves Coraon is eager to be the first to do so.
For the people – The responsibility to protect the people under his fathers protection weighs heavily on Coraon’s mind. Your father is Mag Blackscale – Lord of The Council District. He is a Paladin (Blackgard) of The Silent One
One of the boys. – Coraon likes to have fun and joke around with his friends, he might look like ye olde bro at times, but it’s only to put his friends at ease
Speed over power – Coraon values speed and cunning over strength and patience
Might be the smartest man in the room – Coraon thinks he is very smart, and while not loarding it over others, will note information carefully. As information is a type of magic.

A good Noble – Coraon wants to one day take over for his father and be worthy of the title, to that end he needs to learn how to rule and how to be just.

Would like to see my Chr. Progress into a leader, a wise mage and someone who can navigate the politics well enough not to get killed along the way for forgetting to respect the right people.

His family got their title not because his father was a hero, they got it through dark magic and blackmail. His father is not the nice man he pretends to be.
Hidden secret – His father is not his father, his mother got it on with an actually noble and good man. She used an illusion to appear to be the noble mans wife.

Friends – Evan Froval who is the son of Janson Froval(head Master of the College of White Magi), and Coraon’s favourite Professor. Evan has taught and tutored Coraon in the way of magic and the blade. He sees great potential in Coraon. He looks fondly at Coraon, and Coraon knows of Evan’s secret crush on him.
Change Damien Raith to (insert Rob’s Character name) First born of house (insert name here) Noble, and Coraon’s guide to all things at court, Coraon’s drinking buddy and friend and classmate since they were both very little. Have gotten in trouble, and out of trouble a few times.
Damien Raith, First born of house Raith: Noble, and Coraon’s guide to all things at court, Coraon’s drinking buddy and friend sine they were both very little. Have gotten in trouble, and out of trouble a few times.
Nemsis: Maximus Varini, trader, merchant, smuggler: Can get you anything, for a price, to Coraon he represents corruption, and is the cause of a lot of grief, is well enough connected to keep officially out of trouble with the city watch, but has his fingers in all of the cities dirty dealings…think the bad guy from gone in 60 seconds.

The very first time he conjured fire, it took him weeks, more effort then he had ever put into anything, and was exhausting the first time but it showed him the rewards of hard work.

He’s very loose with coin, he doesn’t really value money, all the treasure he gets from adventuring goes back into adventuring, as his basic needs will be met by his family. As such he doesn’t mind buying rounds at the bar or covering the guy who’s a few gold short.

Will choose right over lawful, every-time. He would rather do the right thing and spend a night in jail, then the wrong thing and be a king. He’s no saint, but at the end of the day he needs to be able to live with himself.

Rob (Tiethan)
I was toying with the idea of a noble from a family that has run on hard times, most likely a human. For class I’m not sure, I’m pretty flexible though I was leaning towards bard or sorcerer. That’s as far as I’ve gotten so far.

Tharsan (Sparrik)
Tharsan’s The Ten-Minute Background

Sparrik is a rogue Tiefling who has been fending for himself from a tender young age. His father had forged a number of unsavoury deals on moonless nights, one of which led ultimately to the demise of both himself and Sparrik’s mother in the quiet of the sleep. Sparrik, who was nestled between them under a thick blanket was unnoticed.

He survived as a solitary thief, but in a few years was adopted into a guild which demanded heavily of his spoils. He was an effective thief. He was short, 5’4", his horns subtle, barely visible protruding through a mane of thick brown shoulder length hair, and slim, barely 130 pounds allowing him to slip easily into the shadows.

However, the ways of thieves was a source of unrest for Sparrik, who sought constantly to escape the life. While he does not particularly care for rules nor laws, he strives to use his skills as a thief for nobler purposes. Unbeknownst to Sparrik, over this campaign he will develop into political maven with his ear constantly to the ground.

He believes that his choice of a life of crime was inevitable considering his heritage. His father, although not an evil man, was incapable of learning an honest living. Sparrik does not resemble his father in other ways. His father was human, and your mother was tiefling with subtle horns allowing her to pass for a alluring human woman, while Sparrik bears a fair slightly muted gray skintone, he is short, 5’4", his horns subtle, barely visible protruding through a mane of thick brown shoulder length hair, and slim, barely 130 pounds allowing him to slip easily into the shadows, and blend in as a human unnoticed. He is of course unaware that his true father was a human palladin, a secret his mother took to her grave. A secret he is aware of, are the names of the men who ordered, and the men who killed his parents. Names, that he will seek out patiently when opportunity presents. But much needs to be achieved before then.

sparrik does not have many he can call friends. Pren was a fellow thief at his former guild who sometimes partnered with him on occassion, and also assisted him in his escape. Valtar was a human thief who took pity on the young Tiefling after his parents were murdered. He taught Sparrik the ways of the thief to survive.
Maldoc is a wealthy business man who fell victim to Sparrik’s exploits while walking it town. Among the items taken was a talisman he believed to have brought him great fortune. Its loss was something he could not accept, and he has vowed to find Sparrik to make him answer for his crime.

Quirks: He likes to stand in the shadows or dark.
Mannerisms: He is quet but sometimes likes to call the shots and is sore when he does not get his way. He portrays himself as stern but secretly has a soft spot especially for the underdog.

1) Feeling his parents blood soak through the thick blanket, drenching him as he lay quietly. He remembers the smell of blood which nauseates him even today.
2) Stealing a lady’s necklace in the market. She was leaning over to inspect some fruits. He felt an instant regret as she seemed kind and undeserving. It was one of the first things he stole which made him reassess his choice in profession.
3) Planning his escape from the guild. He had planned every step elaborately for months and executed each step perfectly.

Ron (Theren)

DM's Character Background Notes

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